Ikonoblast. Award winning product development & innovation consultancy. Antwerp.



I am Bram Van den Broeck, freelance product development & innovation consultant. 

I founded Ikonoblast in 2010. 

Ikonoblast is a product development & innovation consultancy based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Ikonoblast is a service provider that operates in a globalized context to serve an international clientele of various sizes in different industries.

I develop innovative material & digital products for Ikonoblast's clients.

With a solid background in industrial design and product development, my approach is user & product-focused and client & market-oriented.

I prefer to cooperate closely with my clients to do the right thing the right way.

Whether we co-create or collaborate, transparent communication and maintaining a clear vision at all stages of the development process are paramount to a project's success.

I believe that a process that leads to satisfying results is a process wherein its stakeholders: team up, share, listen, reflect, communicate, question, define, analyze, contextualize, frame, extend limits, synthesize, set targets & boundaries, budget, envision, delegate, excite, stimulate, conceive, design, simulate, prototype & tinker, verify, evaluate, modify, solve, tweak, optimize, revise, check & double-check, validate, implement, manage, source & partner-up, organize, control, re-evaluate, adjust, facilitate, delegate, unite, smoothen, enable, push & follow-up from A to Zuccess.

I value these dynamics in a project's workflow because it is together that we induce a positive market impact that ultimately converts into a ka-booming business!

Curriculum Vitae.

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