Ikonoblast. Award winning product development & innovation consultancy. Antwerp.

Vision in

product development

& innovation.

We cooperate to identify needs & convert them into business opportunities.

Together, we co-create solutions that add value for your customers and to your business.

Ultimately, you add value where it count$.


your market presence.

Ikonoblast supports you with seizing your business opportunities by designing profitable, launch-ready products that fulfill your customers' needs.

Some of our clients.

We aim for


Ikonoblast believes in collaborative innovation, backed-up by a solid business strategy.

Together, we create innovative solutions that unlock new values with a positive impact on your customers' lives; your market and your business.

When you monetize your market impact, you boost your business!

A deep understanding about your customers and your market is the best foundation to build a fruitful innovation strategy upon.

Developing a clear vision on the impact your company has tomorrow, requires having a clear view on the role that your company plays for your customers Today.

We believe that hindsight, insight, and foresight, are crucial to defining short term/long term goals that convert into healthy, marketable ideas.

Ikonoblast assits you with:

  • combining market vision and insight into user experiences.
  • merging business expertise with technology.
  • assessing the risks involved in pursuing opportunities.

Together, this allows us to envision a roadmap with smart products that fulfill your customers' current & future needs, and drive your company's growth.