Ikonoblast. Award winning product development & innovation consultancy. Antwerp.

Product development

& innovation.

  • Do you have an excellent idea that you wish to convert into a marketable product?
  • Do you want to seize a business opportunity in the best possible way?
  • Do you wish to upscale an MVP or prototype to industrial production?
  • Do you search for new ways to connect with your customers and generate revenue?
  • Do you face a challenge requiring an innovative solution to invoke a positive impact?
  • Do you need advice or an extra hand involving the above?

360° service.

One-stop solution.

Ikonoblast assists you with converting strong ideas into successful products that add tangible value for your customers and boost your business.

Ikonoblast's 360° service covers the entire product development & innovation trajectory, comprising:

  • Business strategy & innovation
  • Product design & engineering
  • Manufacturing & shipping

Depending on your project Ikonoblast offers its 360° product development & innovation service on-site as part of your team, or independently takes care of your project in-house.





  • Business strategy
  • Market research
  • User-centered analysis
  • Concept generation
  • Innovation roadmap
  • Brand identity
  • Product portfolio




  • 3d modeling & VIZ
  • Mechanical component design
  • Detailed part engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Performance analysis
  • Material selection
  • Packaging design
  • Technical documentation
  • Product photography
  • Graphic design
  • UX-design




  • Manufacturability study
  • Supplier sourcing
  • Pricing & negotiations
  • Resource planning
  • Pilot-run
  • Mold & tooling design follow-up
  • High-end component production
  • Cost-effective manufacturing
  • Assembly & QC
  • Packaging & handling
  • Export / Import
  • Shipping & Delivery

Need more details?


goes beyond.

Manufacture at the right price.

Compete in a globalized economy.

If you need a manufacturing solution, Ikonoblast sources suppliers and assists with breaking deals & sealing manufacturing agreements.

On your behalf, Ikonoblast goes on-site to follow-up the manufacturing of your products, and their QC.

Years of on-site cooperation with overseas manufacturers bestowed Ikonoblast a proven flow & a reliable network.

Ikonoblast facilitates cost-effective manufacturing of your products, so that you can operate & compete in a globalized economic reality with competitive product pricing.

If you need a shipping solution, Ikonoblast helps you import & export your goods. Ikonoblast goes as far as the delivery of your finished products at your warehouse's doorstep.

Ikonoblast helps you navigate.

From idea to delivery is a long journey.

Ikonoblast helps you navigate throughout the entire product development & innovation process.

We walk the extra mile to scout the terrain ahead.

We help you analyze challenges until you get a clear vision of your target and its leading trajectory.

To this end, we assist with synthetizing milestones, and we map their dependencies to phase the entire product development & innovation process.

This way, you obtain a road map with checkpoints  for your project that empowers you to decide on a clear path to action.

For every step you take, throughout the entire trajectory we keep track of progress with a KISS-approach.

When you make the call to move forward, we safeguard that every stakeholder in the process keeps the same vision on your chosen path to action.

Every project is different.

Ikonoblast brings

expertise to your table.

Most projects require a multi-disciplinary team to reach success.

Depending on your project needs, Ikonoblast either realizes your project as a stand-alone 360° service, or contributes to your work-force's output as a joining member of a multi-disciplinary team.

As a freelance consultant, I form a valuable addition to an existing team that needs an additional team-player.

Alternatively, Ikonoblast sources & composes a multi-disciplinary team of specialists fit for the task.

If desired so, Ikonoblast manages the development process on your behalf.

Ikonoblast values your entrepreneurship.

Whatever your project requirements are, together, we search for the best fitting solution to maximize your output.