Ikonoblast is an industrial design and product development consultancy founded in 2010 by Bram Van den Broeck.

From its home base in Antwerp, Belgium, Ikonoblast operates in a global context and cooperates with international clients of different sizes.

Ikonoblast creates both physical and digital products,

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We support our clients with converting their ideas into successful products that satisfiy customers, and generate booming business!

We co-create

With you and for you, we assist to convert strong ideas into launch-ready products.

We are user-experience-focussed by nature and product-oriented by trade.

  • Do you have an awesome idea that you wish to convert into a marketable product?
  • Do you want to seize a business opportunity the best possible way?
  • Do you need advice or an extra hand involving the above?

We assist in seizing your business opportunities

We help to translate your goals into profitable, marketable products.

In close cooperation with you, we support you with taking product ideas from concept to market.

  • We merge business expertise with insight in user experiences to generate input to developing fruitful marketing strategies.
  • We help with assessing the risks involved in pursuing opportunities to launch successful products.
  • We combine market vision with technology to create smartly designed products that monetize your impact on your market. 

We analyze to synthesize

For every project we team-up, listen, communicate, question, define, analyze, envision, conceive, design, tinker, evaluate, solve, optimize, manage, source & partner-up, organize, smoothen & follow-up.

Whatever we do, we apply a transparent approach to our product development and industrial design consultancy services.

We analyze and synthesize until we get a clear vision on a clear path to action, because we value KISS-clarity for all stakeholders involved.

We design

Every project is different.

As consultantcy service, we are used to work on larger projects, in larger teams. taking care of a narrow task responsibility as well.

If your project yields aspects we can't cover or can't cover by ourselves,then depending on the project's needs, we can become part of your multi-disciplinairy team, or we could compose it ourselfves on your behalf, and manage it. 

Depending on your case, we offer a one-stop solution.

We navigate through conceptualization, minimal viable product creation, refined product development, and not unimportantly: manufacturing.

Our 360° product development service covers:

  • User-centered concept design
  • 3D modeling
  • Product development
  • Detailed engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Performance analysis
  • Material selection
  • Supplier selection
  • Packaging design & branding graphics
  • Manufacturing consultancy services
  • Cost-effective manufacturing
  • High-end manufacturing

Over the full development-trajectory we keep a tight focus on adding value for your customers to boost your business.

We get the right product launched at the right price.

We scale prototypes to (mass) manufacturing level against competitive pricing.

Ikononblast has developed long-standing relationships with its network of suppliers and manufacturing-partners in China,

Our tested and trustworthy-proven network of partners is ranging over CNC, injection modling, rotational molding, vacuum forming, die casting, electronics assemblies, PCB manufacturing, sheet metal, packaging, surface finishes & coatings etc.

Different production quantities ask for different approaches.

Our 360° product manufacturing service covers:

  • Supplier sourcing
  • Pricing & negotaiton
  • Manufacturing & resource planning
  • Pilot run
  • Follow-up on mold & tool design
  • Component production
  • Assembly
  • Quality control
  • Packaging
  • Export / Import of goods
  • Shipping & Delivery
  • Supplier selection

We can design and create your product components and organize their assembly and packaging, follow-up with QC and take care of the export/import of your products and their delivery to your warehouse. 

The years of overseas cooperation bestowed us with a cooperation-flow and level of mutual understanding that empowers us to organize the manufacturing for your project at competitive pricing so that you can compete in a globalized market.

In brief, we value your entrepreneurship and co-create to help boost your business!

Let's innovate together!

Call: +32 (0)495 70 59 56

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